(One of my favourite Christmas traditions of all.)

Just like I promised , I’ve been trying to lose myself in Christmas traditions. Easily one of my favourites is Birmingham’s Christmas Market; a place where it is quite impossible to ignore the festivity, and even more impossible to notice any discerning differences from one year to the next.

Seriously, ask anyone who goes and they’ll tell you how every year it’s the exact same stalls in the exact same places, with the exact same lights, the exact same moose, and the exact same jazzy buskers outside HSBC (to the man who started singing ‘Everybody Wants To Be a Cat’ in the middle of their chorus – you are my hero.)

Some people (who are even bigger Grinches than the 2016 version of me) dislike it for this reason; for me it’s what makes it the most magical. It means I get to meander along the hustle and bustle and completely forget everything else that’s going on in the world. In that moment I’m just enjoying a wonderful Christmas tradition, which I share with somebody who is incredibly special.

(All the Christmas Markets in the world, and I’d still rather be looking at you.)

Now, if you really want to see some really fabulous pictures of the market (which I could never take because I’m always too heavily engrossed in some variety of fried food) then look at these on Libfemblog.  Seriously. They’re stunning.