A Note To All The Dreamers

Too often people who work very little, get rewarded with quite a lot.

Nepotism is frighteningly prevalent in this country; deeply embedded in everything from the Government, to Financial Services, to Publishing. I know tonnes of people who have real talent, and a real strength of determination, who continually bust their gut but never get a breakthrough because their name isn’t on the right list. I include myself in that bracket, but I’m not just talking about writers here. I’m talking about photographers, make up artists, fashion designers, illustrators, musicians, entrepreneurs; thousands of insanely skilled individuals who have fantastic vision, but too often go unrewarded. Meanwhile people who are far less talented, but a little more well-connected, are doing all the work that should be done by us. The visionaries. The dreamers.

Fortunately we’ve got something they don’t. We’ve got heart. We feel our work, we live for our passions, and because of that we’re better than they are.

In my quest to be a real-life, genuine writer I’m going to meet hundreds of dreamers just like us (and I can’t wait! I really can’t wait!) and when I do I’m going to write about them. I’m going use my skill to offer some much needed appreciation for theirs. Because hard work deserves to be shouted about. And because success shouldn’t just be about knowing all the right people. And – most importantly – because what we’re doing is pretty damn special. Sometimes we need to hear that.

So each time I meet a fellow dreamer, who’s busy chasing kites of their own, I’m going to put their details on here. For the whole world to see, and for all the other dreamers to share. In my dream we’ll create one big wonderful network, where nobody is afraid to share honest, genuine talent. It’s certainly something that’s worth sharing. The cynics will be outraged, and they’ll probably say we’ll never make it, but we won’t care. We’ll just smile and laugh as we prove them all very, very wrong.