I Never Knew Weddings Until I Knew This One.

She was the girl with far too much excitement, dancing through life with effortless energy for everything. She saw a world which was decorated in permanent beauty, and recognised opportunity and potential in places that other people never even thought to venture.
He was the boy who understood exactly the way the world worked; the real world. The one that isn’t always too pretty. His understanding made him tough, some may even say slightly cynical. But not her.

When she looked at him she didn’t see cynicism, she saw a heart of pure gold. That’s why she wanted to keep him, why she always wanted to keep him. When he looked at her he saw that she had an unprecedented ability to provoke smiles on the faces of strangers. That’s why he wanted to keep her, why he always wanted to keep her.

The two of them belonged together, and it was dazzlingly obvious to everyone.
They amazed each other, and they challenged each other, and in each other they discovered all the things they never could have found on their own. She taught him how to go through life with incomparable hilarity (because she’s super funny); and he taught her about all the practical things that her creatively fabulous mind couldn’t comprehend (because he’s super smart.) In a lot of ways they were completely crazy together, but that’s exactly how they were supposed to be. You see these two were never designed to be ordinary. They were designed to be a real special type of extraordinary. Two people who were supposed to make fantastic magic out of everything they touched.

In the moment when they said ‘I do’ the whole world seemed to stop turning just for them, and that wonderful thing they’d created. One week later and it still seems to be going a little bit slower, like it’s struggling to catch up with itself after witnessing such a monumental triumph.

The very best kind of weddings are the ones where love transpires into the atmosphere, creating a genuine sense of lovely bewilderment over the magnitude of what has occurred. This one did exactly that, all the while uniting everybody in the belief that they were in the presence of something that is as rare as it is remarkable. It’s love, in the most truest sense. And believe me when I say it’s really, very, very pretty to look at.

❤ Rebecca and Matthew ❤ 22/12/2016 ❤

(Oh, and in case you didn’t know, they have a rabbit.)