It’s the Llama King’s Birthday

The best stories are the ones you can’t stop thinking about. The very very very best stories are the ones you can’t stop thinking about, which are also true.

The other morning, when I was lying in bed happily working my way through all the new blog posts, I was fortunate enough to find a story just like that. One which is unforgettable in the loveliest capacity, and true in a way that makes me feel humbled to have found it.

Now admittedly I’m someone who is prone to embellishing, but believe me when I say nothing about that sentence is exaggerated. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about this story, to the point where I felt compelled to tell my entire family about it. I just couldn’t possibly keep it contained in my heart any longer. So when I got the idea to start Unapologetically Reblogged, the task of choosing the first post was a definite no-brainer. And it’s actually an extra special double whammy, because it’s not just about 1 blog, it’s about 2.

Let me explain, let me explain…

One of my favourite blogs to read is Just Call Me Elm Or Something It’s written by Elm (a fabulously innovative pseudonym), with all of her friends being referred to as Ash, Birch, Ivy, Rose…you get the idea. Needless to say, this girl is pretty flipping creative. Have a little read through her posts and you’ll see just how creative, which is exactly why I’ve come to enjoy reading them so much. You’ll also learn that she’s blind, something she talks about quite freely, which is another reason I love reading her posts so much. They’re so very different, and so terrifically honest. Every single one of them.

But there was one particular post that stayed with me just a little longer than the rest. And it’s one she didn’t even write on her own blog. She wrote it for her friend L (who is also blind), to be posted on his blog, Consider Yourself Warned.

Why did I find that so amazing? Because these two best friends share a birthday, and each year they have a birthday tradition of writing on each other’s blog. Reading both of these posts can only be described as a genuinely endearing treat, because while we’re in the middle of what can be quite a horrific realm of trolling, jealousy and painfully edited mirror selfies, these are just two friends who are here to tell the entire internet just how fantastic the other one is. That’s why I loved it. That’s why it needs sharing.

So here you are…Elm’s words on L’s blog. Two best friends who are both wonderful bloggers, full of creativity, humour and incomparable spirit. If you only do one productive thing all day make sure it’s checking out the two of them, and then spend some time going back over their stories. Because they’re ones that are guaranteed to keep you completely captivated.

Consider Yourself Warned...

Hi everyone! It’s Elm, from Just Call me Elm or Something, making what seems to now be an annual birthday celebration post on the fabulous L’s blog.

This year is what I like to call “Elm and L’s 5 years mostly somewhat official friendshipiversary” or, more simply, 5 years since I agreed to call L on my birthday and so 5 years since we properly started speaking.

Now, I’ve known L for about 6 years, and I have too many embarrassing stories about him to count, but I won’t mortify him by telling you all of them because most of them involve me in some capacity. I was a very irritating 10-year-old, and when we met first on blind camp, he was the only one that stuck in my mind because of his… Unique traits.

When we met for the second time, I got involved in the type of…

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