The Curious Tale Of The Heartbroken Bunny (and the far more perplexing tale of the heartbroken girl.)

It was most inescapably clear to everyone that he was painfully heartbroken. It wasn’t just because he spent his days hanging his head in the corner, or because he spent his nights moping in tragic isolation; it was because his whole being had become the personification of heartache. Nothing about him was happy. And that was something they could all agree on.

Her heartache wasn’t quite so obvious. She didn’t cry, she certainly didn’t sulk, and she kept a smile painted her face long after anybody stopped looking (just in case they happened to turn back around.) But there’s no denying that deep down she was heartbroken. It was something of which she was quite certain. 

His heartache made him prone to anger. He’d stamp his feet and turn his back on anybody who tried to reach out to him – even when they were only trying to offer him comfort – and he set out to destroy all the things which were designed to keep him happy. He didn’t care though. His pain ran too deeply for him to care.

Her moods were not quite so variable. She kept smiling through her pain, laughing and pretending that she was absolutely fine, to the point where she could practically call herself an expert in the field of disguising her feelings. She was the only one who really knew the true state of her heart – which was one that had quietly shattered with such severity she feared it would be quite impossible to ever piece it back together again. But still, on the outside, she kept on smiling. 

He wanted everyone to know of his heartache. He wanted them to look into his big brown eyes and see the anguish burning behind them, and they did. They all did.

The heartache didn’t shine through her eyes so readily. Instead she kept it buried far beneath the surface, and it would always be her intention to keep it that way. Because to her, the only thing worse than having a broken heart was actually admitting that she had a broken heart.

He might be a bunny rabbit, but even bunny rabbits can sometimes be heartbroken.

She might be a happy girl, but even happy girls can sometimes be heartbroken.