Mystery box exchange with MJCobra

What you’re about to read cannot be described as anything other than amazing. (Honestly – it’s made my entire day!) It’s a story of two girls – friends who met on the internet – who live thousands of miles apart. They sent each other personalised gift packages for no reason other than them both being absolutely awesome 😊❤🇺🇸🇦🇺 (I am DYING to do this with somebody!!)

Lindsey Livings

If you’ve never exchanged a box of items with someone you just met on the internet who lives 8,257 miles and 16 hours away from you then you’re not living. I started this blog last year in the middle of winter (or summer for literally everyone else) and I remember sitting on the couch one evening a few months later in September when I got an email. It was from Maddy (here’s a link to her blog, I’m making this really long so you have to click on it. Have you clicked yet? Do it) and I don’t remember why exactly, but I think..? the gist was that we could be friends. I think. I was so excited because I’m old and making friends is impossible for me when I move to a new part of the country or world every 12 minutes. I’m also pretty uncool. I…

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