My 5 Favourite (and 5 Not-so-Favourite) Types Of Shopping. 

Today I am embarking on a very exciting adventure!
(Or the worlds biggest nightmare – depending on your stance.)

I am going to spend the entire day (or a few hours, if my boyfriend gets his way) enjoying what is now officially my second favourite type of shopping:


(And. I. Can’t. Wait.)

In the meantime I’ve been thinking about some of my favourite types of shopping, and of course the ones I’d rather put pins in my eyes than endure.

Want to see what I cam up with?…

Favourite Five

  1. Treat food shopping (where you only venture down 3 aisles; the cakes, the biscuits, the chocolate.This is most obviously the very best kind of all.)
  2. Sofa shopping (enough said.)
  3. Make-up shopping (my boyfriend hates this one above all, and is eternally grateful Sephora doesn’t exist in the U.K.)
  4. Airport shopping (he doesn’t like this one much either.)
  5. Christmas shopping (but only when you know exactly what you have to get.)

Not-so-Favourite Five

  1. Jean shopping (worst of the worst. Right?)
  2. Carpet shopping. (Basically trying to pretend that 200 rolls of the same beige carpet look different.)
  3. Any shopping that includes a trip to B&Q (same as above really, but with paint.)
  4. Sale shopping (you know how some people always find a bargain? I’m sadly not one of them.)
  5. Christmas shopping (but only when you don’t have a clue what to get.)

So now you’ve seen mine, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see yours.

You can include aaaannnnnyyyy kind of shopping you can think of (and I’m sure you’ll be way more imaginative then I have) and the lists can be as long or as short as you like.

But if do you make your own version of this post, just be sure to leave me the link so I can read them all later. ❤

(P.s. It’s a shame I’m not on Twitter anymore. This would make for quite a divine hashtag!)