How My Nan Got To Be Pure #Goals.

You know those people who just can’t wait to talk about their kids?

Well, I’m one of them.  

But instead of talking about kids, I talk about my nan. 

Seriously, in any given conversation I’m going to be using at least 60% of my brain to think of ways I can change the conversation to her. Why? Because she’s the light of my life, and I tell her that all of the time. 

Also because she’s cool. 

Really, really cool. 

In order to demonstrate just how cool, I’m going to do something I never do. 
I’m going to tell you a story and employ the most modern of literary devices – if we can really call them that – hashtags

I don’t particularly like using them (in honesty they make me cringe) but they’re at least supposed to be pretty cool. If by using them I can demonstrate just how cool my nan is, well, it’s worth a few cringes on my part. 

So here goes…

My nan, at the age of 94, laughs loudly every single day. In fact, there’s barely a time when she’s not laughing. #LifeGoals.

She dresses better than Queen Elizabeth. #StyleGoals.

She goes to the hairdressers every single week. #HairGoals.
She gets a manicure every two weeks. #BeautyGoals.

On a particularly eventful day in February – February 14th to be precise – she was out having lunch with her friends, like she does every few weeks. #SquadGoals.

A man, who had been admiring her over a number of weeks, gave her a Valentine’s Day rose. #CrushGoals.

She graciously accepted, but she wasn’t flattered. #CoolGoals.

When her friends asked her afterward if she’d like to see him for company she said, “I wouldn’t dream of it!” #IndependenceGoals.

She’s been a widow for over 4 years now, but she explained that after being married to my grandad for 61 years nobody could even come close to her standards. #LoveGoals. #TrueLoveGoals. ❤️

This month they would have been celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary. She still talks to him everyday. 

(We all do.)