You make me wish I could write poetry.

There are two things I categorically can’t write.

The first is greetings cards. Each time I’m challenged with one I spend twenty minutes chewing the pen, trying to draft a funny, thoughtful message, only to eventually bail and resort to the standard ‘love from Claire xxx’ – which is often followed by a drawing of Grimace from McDonalds, or Rex from Toy Story. (Seriously.)

The second is poetry. 

I’ve written exactly four poems in my life – all of which consisted of little more than a string of clumsy rhyming couplets, all of which were only ever written for fun. 

Which is why I’m not ashamed to admit that they’re basically an insult to real poetry.

Real poetry is supposed to be far more magical than the idle nursery rhymes I’ve created. 

It’s supposed to be heartfelt emotion, which makes all the sense in the Universe but is still very confusing. Something you can read twenty seven times and still go back to find new lines to fixate on. 

Most importantly – at least for me – it’s supposed to make you feel as though it’s been written just for you. And once you’ve read it, it should almost feel like there is an invisible connection between you and the poet. 

Personally I never got any of that with William (Shakespeare, Wordsworth or Blake.) I got it a little bit with John (both Milton and Donne) but I get it the most with Gabriela.

She writes incredible words which speak to me. (I felt it as soon as she mentioned Cassiopeia.) It was actually quite unnerving because it felt like she’d composed something that was entirely for me. It created that invisible connection between us, and now I feel like we’re friends. 

Friends who can share something special. 

Friends who share something special, which resulted from the beautiful things she does.

She has difficulty believing that she does anything beautiful, but she does. 

I hope one day she makes the decision to share this beauty with more than just a screen. I hope she proclaims it to everyone. I hope she reads it out loud, proudly, to a round of thunderous applause. I’m hope I’m there to hear it.

I’ll tell her I knew it all along. ❤