My small wins of the week.

  • I cooked. For what feels like the first time in three years. And it wasn’t soup.
  • I actually left the house without any make-up on my face. Again, for what feels like the first time in three years. 
  • I had a free trashy magazine and instead made the decision to read your blogs. (The following night I resorted to the trash and realised that the blogs were SO much better.)
  • I found a place in the fridge for the marmalade.
  • I became the proud purchaser of this…

(It’s a bath mat.)

And the one very big win…(the one which makes me the happiest)…

  • I returned to the fiction. And potentially wrote the greatest line of my career so far…

He gestured to make it look as though he was cupping a pair of invisible boobs on his own chest 

(Stay tuned…)

I hope everyone else has managed a few small wins this week. Even better if there’s also been the occasional big win. 

Happy Friday. Have an awesome weekend! ❤️