I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny (they never did.)

I’ve recently had quite an amazing email.

It made me smile even more than the email I got from Krispy Kreme offering me a free milkshake. (Basically the least they can do after that whole April Fools thing. The one where they said they were rebranding to Krispy Cream. I told EVERYONE.)

It was from a really, really special girl. She said she thinks I’m funny. 

*Excuse me while I run around the room screaming hysterically.*

You see I try really hard to be funny. (Probably a little bit too hard – as you can tell from that whole unnecessary Krispy Kreme thing.) But I can count on one hand how many people actually get my sense of humour. 

They say my sister is funnier. 

But that really doesn’t matter to me anymore. 

Because she thinks I’m funny. 

And although she doesn’t know it, she – and all the other girls just like her – are the whole reason I spend my entire life writing down stupid words, trying to make them sound funny. 

Because I want to make them smile. 

She told me I’m doing that, which ultimately made me smile. Loads. 

It makes me want to continue writing down stupid words.

(I’ll write them forever if they make you laugh. ❤️)

This is a really, really small tribute to her, but I promise there will be a bigger one. 

(I already know exactly what it’s going to be.)

And the most marvellous part of this whole thing? This amazing girl – who has pretty much inspired me beyond measure – has actually got her own blog (You can find it here. Go follow her now, right?) and it’s without a doubt a million times funnier than mine. 

(So, the real truth here is that you are not my Fangirl; I am yours. ❤️)

*And yes, I did rip off Taylor Swift lyrics for my title. She’s my other fan girl thing.