Unapologetically Verbose – June

Once upon a time there was a story…but not that kind of story. A story which promises to teach you at least 365 of the most intriguing words in the English language. A story which will unfold month by month, with each excerpt containing all of the word-of-the-day entries for that month, as depicted in my very well-favoured 365 New Words A Year Calendar. Read these words, learn them, use them; they’re all wonderful.

Then come to love the story, and follow it each month. I don’t know exactly where it’s going, but I do know that it’s going to be special.

Here’s June…

As excited as Charlie Whittaker was to get the call that invited him to return to Freeman Manor, there was no denying that he was expecting nothing short of the most arduous tribulation once he got there. [1]

While he was unfalteringly certain that his innate attraction to Erica Freeman was far from an apocryphal [2] occurrence – he was similarly aware of the fact that he was, after all, a groundling. [3] And he genuinely believed that the suffocating aegis [4] of her parents would have made sure that she thought anybody from his particular social sphere was deemed an uncouth [5] slipshod. [6] Certainly not worthy to ever seriously come close to a girl who had been brought up to be sacrosanct [7] and untouchable.

But there she was. Standing at the gate, undoubtedly waiting for him to arrive.

She wasn’t even pretending to be demure [8] in her demeanour. She had a haughty [9] grin covering her face that meant he didn’t need to conjecture [10] her intentions. Instead he knew quite instantaneously that she was there waiting for him. It flooded his heart with solace. [11] He didn’t need to be afraid around her anymore.

“You know I did this for you, right?” he said, with a jejune [12] smile. “I’d planned out how I was going to create this liaison [13] from the second I saw you.”
It made her smile, although she didn’t altogether understand how it could be true. She recognised that he felt moxie [14] about seeing her again, but failed to grasp how he could have arranged it that way. If anything she was the one who had intercepted her parents call and had gone to wait outside for his arrival. From her perspective her part in creating the liaison was far greater than his.

He recognised the skepticism on her face and proceeded to explain how he purposely flummoxed [15] the electrical systems purely to gain access back into Freeman Manor. For authenticity he even went into arduous detail , taking time to explain the intricate things he had done to ensure the power fault. He knew if he didn’t she wouldn’t believe him. She wasn’t the kind of girl who was ever going to be docile. [16]
“Okay, okay,” she interrupted, involuntarily laughing at the panoply [17] of his efforts. “I get the gist. [18] And while I think you’re a bit of a ninny [19] for doing all of that, I also think you’re pretty spectacular for finding such an inventive way to get back here. Especially as it means the party has been so hilariously impacted.”

“So you were really being serious when you said you hate those things?”

“Oh they’re the worst! Half of the room will be engrossed in a pompous sederunt [20] about golfing handicaps and sclaffs, [21] while the other half is busy discussing the aliment [22] of the ragout, [23] while carping [24] about the number of white carbohydrates in the amuse-bouche.” [25]
He laughed at the way she used those ridiculous, unnecessarily elaborate words.

“You know I want to take you out after I’ve fixed the problem, right?”
“Yeah, I was kind of counting on it,” she smiled.

Some would have said it was a rash decision. [26] Some would have said they allowed themselves to be swept away in a maelstrom [27] of inexplicable chemistry. They didn’t care about either. They knew it was quick, they knew it was crazy, but they also knew their attraction was teeming [28] with a beautiful veracity. [29]
So they leapt for one another, and they never looked back.

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Tribulation – Distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution. A trying experience.

Apocryphal – Of doubtful authenticity.

Groundling – A spectator who stood in the pit of an Elizabethan theatre. One with unsophisticated taste. One that lives or works on or near the ground.

Aegis – Shield, protection. Controlling or conditioning influence. Auspices, sponsorship. Control or guidance especially by an individual, group or system.

Uncouth – Strange or clumsy in shape or appearance. Lacking in polish and grace. Awkward and uncultivated in appearance, manner, or behaviour.

Slipshod – Wearing loose shoes. Shabby. Careless, slovenly.

Sacrosanct – Most scared or holy: inviolable. Treated as if holy: immune from criticism or violation.

Demure – Reserved, modest. Affectedly modest, reserved, or serious: coy.

Haughty – Blatantly and disdainfully proud.

Conjecture – To arrive at or deduce by surmise or guesswork: guess. To form a supposition or inference.

Solace – Alleviation of grief or anxiety. A source of relief or consolation.

Jejune – Lacking nutritive value. Devoid of significance or interest. Juvenile, puerile.

Liaison – A close connection. An illicit romantic relationship. One who delivers information between groups.

Moxie – Energy, pep. Courage, determination. Know-how.

Flummox – Confuse.

Docile – Easily taught. Easily led or managed.

Panoply – A full suit of armour. A magnificent or impressive array.

Gist – The ground of a legal action. The main point or part: essence.

Ninny – Fool, simpleton.

Sederunt – A prolonged sitting (as for discussion.)

Sclaff – To scrape the ground instead of hitting the ball cleanly on a golf stroke.

Aliment – Food, nutriment.
Ragout – Well seasoned meat and vegetables cooked in a thick sauce. Mixture, melange.

Carp – To find fault or complain querulously.

Amuse-bouche – A small complimentary appetiser offered at some restaurants.

Rash – Marked by or proceeding from undue haste or lack of deliberation or caution.

Maelstrom- A powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius.

Teem – To become filled to overflowing. To be present in large quantity.

Veracity – Devotion to the truth: truthfulness. Conformity with truth or fact: accuracy. Something true.

Crowdfunding – The practice of soliciting financial contributions from a large number of people and especially from the online community. *
*There’s always one which defeats me.