50 people who are really, really annoying. 

Worryingly, this isn’t exhaustive. 

1. People who scrape plates / yoghurt pots. 😑

2. People who chew loudly. 😑

3. People who talk with their mouth full of food. 😠

4. People who talk with their mouth full of drink. (If you’ve seen it happen, you’ll know.) 😀

5. People who start singing a different song when I’m already singing. 😠

6. People who walk slowly in front of me. 😀

7. People who rev their cars too loudly. 😠

8. People who come next to me on the treadmill when the gym is empty. 😠

9. People who ignore you when you say hello. 😀

10. People who just say ‘I’m fine’ when you ask how they are. (I’m fine too, thanks for asking.) 😀

11. People who say, ‘you wouldn’t understand.’ 😑

12. People who talk too loudly. 😠

13. People who state the obvious, ‘Ooh you’ve had your hair done!’ (You think I don’t know that?) 😀

14. People who see you eating and ask, ‘Ooh what are you eating?’ 😠

15. People who constantly crack their knuckles. 😀

16. People who over pronounce every word. 😀

17. People who snort when they laugh. 😀

18. People who chew their hair. 😀

19. People who get the orders wrong. 😀

20. People who don’t understand my many, many Friends jokes. 😠

21. People who are unnecessarily rude to shop assistants/waiters/bar tenders. 😠

22. People who have an unhealthy obsession with money and possessions. 😑

23. People who shame you for eating too much cake. 😑

24. People who want to chat to you on the plane. 😠

25. People who want to chat to you when you’re wearing earphones. 😠

26. People who ask too many questions. 😠

27. People who say, ‘Enjoy!’ 😀

28. People who use idioms. (No I’m not going to think outside the box when coming up with an example.) 😠

29. People who literally use literally wrong. 😀

30. People who get stupid, loud, clumsy drunk. 😠

31. People who shout down hotel corridors. 😑

32. People who cough down the phone. 😑

33. People who take the elevator for 1 flight of stairs. 😀

34. People who stand too close to me. 😑

35. People who exhale too loudly. 😠

36. People who have a laugh that sounds like a billy goat. 😑

37. People who have a false laugh. (Even worse if that false laugh also sounds like a billy goat.) 😑

38. People who always spoil the ending (I only asked if you liked the film!) 😀

39. People rustling at the cinema. 😠

40. People fidgeting at the cinema. 😠

41. People who let their kids run around supermarkets. 😠

42. People who drive dangerously. (Granny driving for life.) 😠

43. People who spell my name Clare/Clair/Clar 😀

44. People who sarcastically say ‘I thought you were going on holiday when I come back pale.’ (I’m a brolly girl.) 😠

45. People who ask, ‘how can you be cold in this?’ 😠

46. People who never shut the door behind them when they leave the room. 😠

47. People who go stomping around wearing boots like Gaston. 😑

48. People who take a week to finish a sentence. 😀

49. People who make snarky digs instead of just coming out with it. 😑

50. People who sniff!!! 😑😑😑

Worryingly this was one of the easiest things I’ve ever written.

Clearly I have issues.