Girl Talk❤

This post means more to me than any others. Not just because it’s super awesome, but because she’s my friend. (Go and follow her!) 😊❤️


Hi, guys🖑

Today I’m doing a post with my friendClairefrom Chasing Kites inNeverland!!!

Today, we’re having a talk but not just any talk a girl talk.(Now is the time to make yourself coffee)If you have any questions comment them down below! We think that it’s important to share this with y’all (never used that word before) because it’s important to share, what you know, what you feel, what you think. This is a girl talk but share this with everyone☺


  • Why I’m too scared to go running👣

Everyday,all over the world you hear about people getting kidnapped and mugged and a lot of other scary things. We live in a world where having a million locks on your door and a high-tech alarm system is normal.The fact that I can’t even go running without the fear of something happening to me is scary and I…

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