My small wins of the week #3

  • I learned how to use chopsticks! (And actually managed to eat a whole bowl of rice using them!)

  • I happened to stumble upon this…

(Which, in case it’s not obvious, is the thing I never even knew I was missing in life… a candy conveyer belt!)

  • I purchased this bag! (Personally I’m rather obsessed with it, but it’s receiving mixed terrible reviews from everyone else. What do you think?)

  • After a tiny bit of bleach, and a lot of purple shampoo (which only temporarily stained the bathroom) I finally got my ombré to be this colour…

And the very best win of the week… 

  • Someone really, really, super special (not to mention really, really super amazing) said my writing is like Superwoman and Taylor Lautner had a baby! (Nothing will EVER compare to that one!) We’ve published our first collaboration, and somebody already wants to join us for the next one! (Howfreakingexciting!!!!!!)

Happy Sunday everyone. ❤️