See Ya Summer…You’ve Been Hella Deece. 

At the time of writing I’m as equally unsure on my feelings towards the word hella, as I am on my feelings on the word deece. (Are they words? Should they be words? I kind of want them to be words. Is that wrong? IDK.)

I am, however, very sure that the last weeks of summer went by in an absolute whirl, and they were – for want of no better words – hella deece. 

A lot has happened. 

Like my hair. 

My ombré is basically as over as summer, and Ross and Rachel when he fell asleep after reading that 18 page letter (front and back!) I’m now a full on blonde. Look…

And although it took 3 trips to the hairdressers – equating to over ten hours of highlights (which tragically included spending a week with what looked like stripey nineties highlights) – and I’ve had a tonne of people saying ‘you should have done it for summer,’ and I’m slowly turning the bathroom purple with toning shampoo, I couldn’t be happier. 

I’ve celebrated Christmas. Seriously, look…

Reason being, my incredibly selfish sister has decided to spend the next six months volunteering in Indonesia – thus subjecting me and the rest of the family to a Christmas without her. (How could she, right?)

As the obviously selfless sibling, I got the idea to throw her an early Christmas before she went away. There were songs, there were presents, there was a tree – there was even a family fight. We are that extra. 

Another part of my leaving gift to her was to transform her life into a Cecelia Ahern novel. While I sadly couldn’t get Gerrard Butler involved, I did the next best thing and wrote some letters. A whole stack of letters. Dated, to be opened on particular days. 

(I’m expecting my ‘Best Sister Prize’ in the post any day now.)

I also made some happy notes. To be opened whenever she’s, you know, not quite so happy. 

(Patent pending.)

I’ve also made my own door sign…

(Not going to bother patent this one. It rarely works.)

I’ve been to London a couple of times. Because, well, London. ❤️

I’ve learned – in one amazing second – that it is possible for dogs to smile, and for people to fall in love at first sight (if only with dogs) …

(To provide some clarity, he isn’t mine. He just smiled at me through a window as I walked past.)

I decided to go on a road trip across the south of the U.S.A. next year. I might drive on the wrong side of the road, I might sing Walking in Memphis while walking in Memphis, I might get cowboy boots. I might go line dancing. I will definitely start every sentence with y’all. 

I’ve even spent a bit of time writing too. I’ve knocked a 35,000 word dent into my next big project. I’m kinda biased, but – so far – it’s shaping up to be hella deece. ❤️

I think – think – I might just be ready for winter now. 

New coat anyone?