I Kind of Give a Damn, I Kind of Don’t Care. 

I’ve been quiet. 

I kind of want to think of something to say to you, I kind of can’t be bothered.

I kind of want to disappear, I kind of don’t want to be forgotten.

I kind of want to remind you that I exist, I kind of hope you never think of me again. 

I kind of want to call you out on a few things, I kind of think it’s easier if I don’t. 

I kind of want to make you feel guilty, I kind of think there’s no point. 

I kind of want to be angry, I kind of want to let it go.

I kind of want to tell you than I can invent people better than you’ll ever be, I kind of think you don’t deserve to know about that.

I kind of feel sorry for you, I kind of think you’re pathetic. 

I kind of want to take back all the nice memories, I kind of think they should stick around and haunt you. 

I kind of wish we could go back and change it, I kind of feel grateful that it turned out this way. 

I kind of wish you well, I kind of don’t.

You’ll see me again. Of that you can be sure.

You might not want to admit it but, when you do, you’ll know…

Yeah, she’s doing fine.