fullsizeoutput_543.jpegMiss Claire Cramphorn

I spend most of my time casually daydreaming about casually daydreaming. Honestly, there is a very small percentage of the day where I’m not engaged in some sort of absentminded pondering. The thoughts can range from the most transcendent kind of profound, to wondering about cupcakes, but always – always – involve me trying to figure out what kind of story I can tell next

Because that’s what I do. I tell stories.

I pretty much embellish everything into a narrative, making complicated out of the simple, and metaphors out of everything. I speak using far too many words, and write with even more, but the good news is they’re usually pretty spectacular words which are being used to only say nice things. It’s not in my demeanour to create additional hate (especially on the internet – there’s already far too much of that in existence.) The only thing I really want to do is make people smile, and in order to do that I’m going to write my stories.
There will be ones about me, which you can find in Unapologetically Claire.
There will be ones about a load of other talented people, which you can find in Unapologetically Talented (you can read more about my reason for doing that right here – it’s really cool.)
There will be ones where I create stories out of a load of cool words, which you can find in Unapologetically Verbose (you can read more about how that started right here – that’s also really cool.)
And there will be ones where I reblog the brilliance of other bloggers, which you can find in Unapologetically Reblogged (you can read more about my reasons for doing that right here – again, that’s also really cool.)
If by doing any of that I’m able to make people smile, then I’ll be happy. If it also causes them to leave here feeling a little more inspired, well, then I guess I’ll be completely ecstatic.

So please come get lost in my little world for a while. At times it may seem unnecessarily eloquent, but deep down it’s actually pretty simple.