fullsizeoutput_543.jpegMiss Claire Cramphorn

I’m that awkwardly tall girl you wouldn’t want standing in front of you at a concert. I live in the second city of England (a place called Birmingham, if you’ve ever heard of it) which means I get to enjoy living up to all of those British stereotypes, such as drinking tea and complaining about the weather.

I’m the one who always has my eyes closed on photos, really doesn’t have anything to wear, and is so pale I have to spend all summer lodged underneath a parasol. Oh, and I write a little bit too.

Actually, I write a lot. Probably because I daydream a lot.

At the moment I’m spending my days trying to masterfully combine the two; spinning daydreams into stories, hoping that one day they will make a lot of people smile.

Which is also how I got to be here, writing a blog…

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know fashion. I love make-up but won’t ever be an expert at it, I can’t provide recipes for healthy, delicious meals you can cook in ten minutes flat, and I don’t travel the globe taking pictures that make my legs look like hot dogs (they’re far too pale for that.) So if it seems like this blog doesn’t have a theme, that’s because it doesn’t. It’s mainly just a place where I come to witter like no one is reading.

The only thing I can say for sure is that wherever I can – with whatever I do – I will be trying to make you smile. I’ll be trying to make you smile because I know all too well how it feels to not smile. It makes you feel like you need a friend…I want to be that friend.

If I can actually do that? Well, I’ll be pretty happy  so happy I’ll basically be somewhere over the moon – dancing – in a place beyond the stars.

(I think they call it, Neverland.)